Marriage ceremonial hall, wedding of Osaka
The miraiza Osaka inside of a castle
The Landmark square Osaka

The castle tower of Osaka-jo Castle to see from garden chapel
Classic space where it is modern, and dignity is
We realize wedding of the one and only

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Reception hours 11:00-19:00
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-19:00)

About this wedding hall zarandomakusukueaosaka
Three charm of wedding venue

Location that is close, and faces the Osaka-jo Castle castle tower

Osakajokoen that was surrounded naturally of 320,000 tsubos filled with greenery. On the stage of Osakajokoen to be able to enjoy rich green as we do not think to be the downtown area, seasonal location, let's grant 1st to spell new page of two.

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Wedding-style to come true in selectable chapel & Shinto shrine

Two selectable chapels guide classical chapel wedding to boast of terrace chapel & virgin road 17m that special ceremony to see Osaka-jo Castle has realized to. In addition, God in rich country Shrine in site former expression supports, too! Both Japanese and Western styles are possible.

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Classical space that landmark architecture weaves

Landmark architecture "cause Osaka municipal institution Museum" of Osaka-shi of birth is renewed in the autumn of 2017 in Osaka-jo Castle 1-1, 1931. In space that is arch architecture, modern, retro dignity including scratch tile wedding of the one and only.

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