Time trip restaurant where history and the present age cross

When we set foot in the inside of building of classical, solid flavor,
Space where a variety of people intersect history in the present age spreads out.

Room "royal suite" which ever receives the Emperor,
Sash which extended to ceiling symbolizing European-style building highly creates retro atmosphere.

While, on terrace connected from royal suite, looking up at whole view of Osaka-jo Castle
You can spend time when meal or cafe are deluxe.
With refined authentic modern Italian dishes appropriate for classic European-style building,
It is space that can fully feel history and the present age.


Week substitute lunch 11:00-15:00 (LO14:30)

To lunch plate constructed mainly on fresh Kinki vegetables,
Appetizer, soup, dessert of discerning vegetables are included.
Main other than meat in the suburbs of Kansai and grilled fish,
Pasta plates which selected carefully offer material.


Cafe/afternoon lunch 15:00-17:00 (LO16:30)

Afternoon Tea with nest of boxes which takes in local ingredients of Osaka, and increased element of the sum,
You can spend an elegant time in royal suite.
We make use of Japanese traditional nest of boxes and include burger and scone of homemade bans to bake in shop every day
We offer many chef's proud appetizer and dessert of about 13 kinds.
Tea and herb tea which selected carefully of German ronneferuto company,
We can have you enjoy more than ten kinds of carefully selected drinks such as the sum tea in free drink.

※This time becomes guidance to royal suite.


Dinner 17:00-22:00 (LO21:00)

You can thoroughly enjoy refined modern Italian dishes with famous sake and craft beer of Kansai in space where the present age fuses with history.
Light the shop which fell changes atmosphere completely with the daytime, and there is strongly retro atmosphere of landmark architecture.

Royal suite

"Royal suite" which has been ever used as room receiving the Emperor is available as meal space.
On terrace connected from this royal suite, you can spend deluxe time in front in Osaka-jo Castle.

RECOMMENDED recommended one article

tariata of Japanese beef aitchbone
Tuscany wind
1,600 yen

With domestic aitchbone meat which is good taste and balance of fatty meat that we did well like meat, it is vegetables such as rucola and one article that we put together and did to salad style. In addition to frank taste of balsamico sauce, we bring about more full-bodied taste with parmesan cheese which we slice and were studded with.

ruchana of carefully selected vegetables and Akashi octopus
Salsa Bagna cauda
1,300 yen

With salsa sauce which was hot with vegetables and octopus which grilled completely.

Black Angus beef 1 pound grill
4,500 yen

Is dynamic; Angus beef for 1 pound! We know taste of true meat simply because we bake with lump.

Mozzarella and fruit tomato spaghetti of water buffalo
1,400 yen

When it is Milky only by water buffalo, it is sweetness and representative pasta only in cross field using tomato of exquisite balance of acidity.

machiedonia of pannakotta and pick
800 yen

Combination of full-bodied smooth pannakotta and bittersweet fruits sauce is special dish which is good in the summertime.


We see list

crossfieldwith TERRACE LOUNGE


Regular holiday: Unavailable
LUNCH 11:00-15:00 (LO14:30) ※Last entering a shop 14:00
CAFÉ15 00-17 00 (LO16:30):
DINNER 17:00-22:00 (LO21:00)
※On the day day of making a reservation becomes closing by 17:00.
Over telephone, you can confirm until 22:00

It is LINE @ official account. We deliver advantageous plan information at any time!

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