It seems to arrive, and hand is near
We see the Osaka-jo Castle castle tower
Rooftop terrace

Under the eyes of green of Osakajokoen spreading out far and the town of Osaka,
While tasting barbecue of discerning ingredients to the full,
Please spend time to remain in memory.

We stand still near history and Osaka-jo Castle,
Landmark architecture.

European-style building which repeated time, and ticked away history
We revive by renovation,
Landmark of new Osaka was born.

"Blue Byrds rooftop terrace"
We open in spring only in season of ... autumn
Restaurant to be able to enjoy terrace BBQ.

Right in front the Osaka-jo Castle castle tower,
With green of Osakajokoen that spreads out far if we look around,
You can enjoy panoramic view of the town of Osaka
Location of the one and only.

While seeing view of the best part to admire unintentionally
Please spend time to remain in memory.


With a choice of "meat" X "sea foods" preference
BBQ menu to enjoy luxuriously

BBQ plan 4,980 yen ... to enjoy meat including domestic beef sirloin well
BBQ plan 5,980 yen ... tasting luxurious seafood menus such as spiny lobster or king crab

*"BBQ menu" "buffet menu" "free drink" (two hours) is included in plan rate.
※Contents, rate vary according to plans to have you choose BBQ menu and free drink.

<business period>
From February 29, 2020 to October 31

<business hours>
[lunch] 11:00-15:00 (until use of last entering a shop 13:00/addition foods last order 14:00/buffet 14:30)
[dinner] 17:00-22:00 (until use of last entering a shop 20:00/addition foods last order 21:00/buffet 21:30)

Limited Terrace BBQ

  • The castle tower side strict promise sofa sheet

    Sofa seat area to be relaxed while looking at the castle tower, and to be able to enjoy meal.
  • Sofa seat strict promise sheet

    Loose relaxing sofa sheet area. It is small seat where it is easy to sit down on with children.
  • The castle tower side strict promise table sheet

    Seat at a table area where light-up is seen in close at night in beautiful Osaka-jo Castle.
  • Standard sheet

    Area where nature of Osaka city and Osakajokoen is felt. Even the use in a great number of people group is available spaciously.
The plan details, reservation is this

Roof Top

By seat to sit down on in the roof rooftop
Scenery to show changes. Whenever you come
You can enjoy fresh feeling of freedom.


Only in blue Byrds rooftop terrace
We offer discerning carefully selected ingredients.

< Buffet MENU >

■Eight kinds of seasonal roasted vegetables
■Seven kinds of seasonal appetizers
・Garlic marinade of bulgogi-style Caesar salad clams and field mustard of potato salad, beef of edamame, pickles, shrimp and broad beans, with grapefruit broccoli dressing, Incaic civilization potato

■Two kinds of side meat
・Sausage hormone

■Meal thing
・Use of white rice, domestic beef Osaka-jo Castle curry

■A lot of sauce
・Homemade soy sauce sause, salt sause genovese sauce yangnyeom Jean, grated garlic

< Free Drink (two hours) >
・World bottle beer (eight kinds or more), draft beer (Suntory Malt's), cocktail (25 kinds or more), shochu and soda (six kinds), sake, shochu (two kinds), umeshu, whiskey (two kinds), wine (red/white), soft drinks (nine kinds)
※Offering is for plan containing sparkling wine. Look at each plan contents.

A lot of optional menus offer, too.

< BBQ option menu >

■Various assortments
350 g of five kinds of six kinds of 380 g of five kinds of selected meat assortment 2,980 yen/seafood assortment 2,980 yen/choice domestic beef assortment 4,980 yen

■One buying choice domestic beef
Fillet 150 g 2,500 yen/ribulose 150 g 2,000 yen/Marushin 120 g 2,000 yen/inner shoulder meat 80 g 1,500 yen/aitchbone 80 g 1,500 yen/marbled beef sparerib 80 g 1,500/3 yen corner rose 100 g 1,500 yen/outer thigh 80 g 1,000 yen/Frank 80 g 1,000 yen/extra special beef tongue 100 g 2,500 yen

■Beef from Australia
300 g of beef tongue salt 100 g 1,200 yen/beef diaphragm 120 g 1,000 yen/beef rose mountain assortment 1,500 yen

Seasonal fruit parfait 700 yen/dessert assortment 2,200 yen

Father of the Imperial adviser drum


Business hours:
Lunch :11:00-15:00 (last entering a shop 13:00)
Dinner: 17:00-22:00 (last entering a shop 20:00)
Regular holiday: Unavailable

※There is case of reserved business. About concrete business day,
Please refer to store.
※It is available with children.
※We offer car seat.


〒1-1 Osaka Jo, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO
(site of the former Osaka City Museum)

Restaurant staff spells This is a blog post. I write various information such as new menu information.

Telephone PLAN / Reservation


Business hours:
Lunch :From 11:00 to 16:00 (last entering a shop 14:00)
Dinner: From 18:00 to 22:00 (last entering a shop 19:30)
Regular holiday: Unavailable