Osakajokoen that is full of green, the only banquet hall
Special event that is special in this venue which is historic inheritance under my nose in Osaka-jo Castle

Commencing with the use by banquet that we invite customer outside the company from event in the company, dinner party of relative
We will offer wide service to tour from foreign countries, request of event.


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Recommendation plan

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The staff blog which the Landmark square Osaka event planner spells.
We place advantageous information such as recommended plans at any time.

Notice of venue

Venue name Floor Studding (cm) Area Seating capacity
m2 (tsubo) Theater School Buffet Formal dinner
Lotus Development Corporation 3F  400 235 (75) 230 93 150 150
Coast 2F 320 148 (44) 100 45 100 86
Monica 2F 340 94 (28) 80 48 60 54
Suite 2F 300 64.8 (19.6)  64 36 41 34

LOTUS (Lotus Development Corporation)

Maximum seating capacity: 230 people

COAST (coast)

Maximum seating capacity: 100 people

MONICA (Monica)

Maximum seating capacity: 80 people

Information for service

Various banquets plan introduction

It is introduction of package plan entrusting you from plan, planning to administration.

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Dishes, service introduction

It is specialty dishes, introduction of various services.

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