*Important * [news about new coronavirus measures]

To important customer

[about correspondence policy for new coronavirus]

・ In each floor where customer comes to, we prepare for alcohol for disinfection of finger.
・ We let you fill in healthy check sheet to grasp health condition of the staff and, in the staff whom symptom of cold such as fever is seen in, let attendance wait.
・ In the place with many human opportunities to touch such as doorknob or door, we perform cleaning by alcohol regularly.
・ Because customer uses service in peace, the staff wears mask and may give a service.

[change of offer method of lunch buffet]

We change to method to do offer method of lunch among other things at the kitchen, and to provide for infectious disease prophylaxis reinforcement in the second-floor cross field with terrace lounge.
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation to customer of visit.

※There is possibility changing offer method and period by the situation.
※Food type may be changed.

[guidance about business hours change]

There are a lot of employees who work while taking care of the baby in the Landmark square Osaka. Based on the situation of employee by closure of a school request of the government about new coronavirus,
We decided to reduce burden on employee by shortening business hours depending on status.
(I am sorry to trouble you, but sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer for the details over telephone as business hours vary according to the dates.)
In addition, special event "takakutakodaisakajo" of the roof blue Byrds rooftop terrace should be cancellation for the time being.
We cause all of you that the visit was looked forward to great trouble, but would appreciate your understanding.

[request to customer]

About "infection prevention of new coronavirus and nonproliferation measures"

・I'm very sorry, but customer who is poor in physical condition including fever would appreciate your refraining from entering a shop.
・For infection nonproliferation, we accept mask wearing to employee. We would appreciate your understanding.
・When physical condition is poor, please report to the staff of neighborhood.

We may change depending on the situation at any time in future. We would appreciate your your understanding and cooperation.

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